Photography Classes and Teaching

The following three options are different ways for you to learn how to operate and understand your camera and photography on a level other than "auto"  and all are welcome! 


The Painted House Classes $175

These classes vary in topic and are first come first serve. They are held at The Painted House on various Saturdays through out the year. You and nine other attendees will receive an instruction booklet to keep, three hours of instruction and explanation of DSLR camera settings and a thirty minute hands on portion afterwards. It's a safe and fun environment for all your questions and everyone has a great time! Anyone is welcome to sign up and please don't fee like you have any beforehand knowledge, you just need a camera, one lens, a memory card and a battery! Please contact us or The Painted House for more information and/or for the next class date. 


Half Day One-on-One $675

This is a half day of instruction that can be tailored to your needs as a hobbyist, a mom wanting to take better pictures of their kids, or even if you want to start exploring the idea of a photography business. It is a one-on-one instruction class located at our studio in Cookeville, TN. It can be scheduled for either morning or afternoon and covers broad topics like: basic settings of a DSLR; composition and focusing; lighting and metering; a brief tutorial on editing in Lightroom and a model session to practice (must be booked in advance for model session). Please contact us for more information by clicking below. Everyone is welcome, no matter the skill level. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your photography journey! 


Full Day One-one-One $975

This is a full day of instruction that will cover all the topics of photography. You are welcome to book whether you are a hobbyist, amateur or professional. We'll spend the day with hands on instructions with your camera covering all the topics like aperture, shutter speed, iso, exposure, metering, focusing, composition and angles. A modeling session will be provided for practice, and can be photographed either outside or inside depending on your needs. An in depth editing tutorial using Lightroom will be provided at the end of the day.  Lunch and drinks are provided by the studio! We look forward to meeting you!